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Old books – Chuck or Cherish

When my Mum passed away I inherited many of her old books. Well…  – when I say I inherited them I actually rescued them from being thrown out as it seemed such a shame to throw out such lovely old books!!

But now they fill up two shelves of my bookshelf and I wonder if I should get rid of them. Some of them I cant as they have my Mums name in them as they were her schoolbooks, or a notation to her as they were given as a gift. But most of them are just old (probably boring) books. I doubt any of them are valuable first editions so not worth anything except sentimentally to me.

What do you think I should do?


Chuck or Cherish

When tidying up our houses – and especially when you are trying to de-clutter we are always faced with decisions…… mainly do I keep this or throw it away?

Some of these decisions are pretty easy but some are a lot harder. We cant always keep everything we want to – but we dont want to throw something out and always regret it either!

I am going to start a new line of conversations – and I invite you to participate…..

I invite you to place a photo or a description of some object that you are struggling to make a decision about on my blog. Write the reasons why you want to keep it and why you should get rid of it. Sometimes just writing down these reasons is enough to help you make a decision, sometimes you might need input from others to help you make your decision.

Once you have made the decision you can let us know what you decided and why you decided to make that decision. It may be that someone might come up with a great way to reuse your object as well and you can tell us about that!

I hope this will help us make those difficult decisions a bit easier to make….