Diary of a Procrastinating Scrapbooker…



As you all know I could win a Gold Medal for Procrastination! If there is something I don’t want to do I can always find a reason not to do it… This works especially well when it is something like ironing or cleaning the house. And if I am doing the ironing it probably means there is something even worse that I am trying to avoid doing….

Last weekend I went off on a Scrapbooking Retreat and I truly realised my capacity to procrastinate – even when doing something I really enjoy! Perhaps procrastinate isn’t the right word? It is more accurate to say I can find lots of things to do instead of what I planned to do – and that I distract easily! So I decided to do a bit of a log book of my weekend……

I guess the problem started as I have been doing a lot of night shifts and so hadn’t had time to prepare anything… and I had lost my Mojo and wasn’t really sure what scrapping I had to do that I was organised for…..

Of course my main excuse for not getting organised – as I told my scrapping friends – is for the sake of their own sanities!! There was a while there when I had worked thru a couple of rooms, got myself organised for scrap days – and created this blog – and the universe as they knew it seemed to be skewing out of control… where was the Jenny they knew and loved who was never organised for scrapping and who spent scrapping days sorting thru photos? A disorganised Jenny meant the universe had returned to its equilibrium and all was well with the world…..

So I arrive at the weekend in the country loaded up with all my stuff (as I wasn’t organised you need to bring everything just in case you need it).
I unload the car and sit at my table….
I hadvea chat to the girls and then go for a coffee….
No inspiration….
I set up the wifi on my iPad and check out Facebook….
Still no inspiration….
So since I have just finished night duty I go for a nanna nap for a little while…
Then it is time to get ready for tea.

A few wines at tea and then back to scrapping. Check Facebook again. Play some games….

Finally I sort thru some kits and some photos but decide that what I needed I don’t have with me so that is packed all away again… then I give up and go to bed…

So day one. No scrapping completed.

So first full day dawns. Up for breakfast. Long chat over coffee. Then into scrapping room.
What to do… I decide to do a little album about my daughter’s dog.
But first I need to check Facebook and make sure the world is surviving without me..
Play a game for a while…..Then we start to chat about my European Holiday. Out with my itinerary and we all discuss the tour options (many of my friends been to Europe). I download a couple of new Apps onto my iPad that will be useful for when I am travelling.
By then its time for a cuppa before I start work…..

After that I spend about an hour sorting out the photos I want to use  – I have about 300 photos, many of the same photo but different sizes… this is a direct result of my disorganisation. I wasn’t sure what I would need and how they would fit in the album so had got many of different sizes. By this time my scrapping friends were feeling much reassured – the photo sorting disorganised Jenny had returned and so all was well with the world!
Then time for lunch…

Back to work and slowly things start to happen… the doggy book takes shape – despite my best efforts to concentrate I still find it easy to get distracted….
Another coffee. Check Facebook. Check the internet. Text my hubby.
Lots of laughter. Lots of talk.
Then off to have my foot massage….. very relaxed now. Hard to get started again.
Perhaps I can knit a few rows on the community knitting project to fill in a few minutes?
Then it is time for pre dinner drinks and chats. Then it’s too close to tea to start on anything new.

After dinner it’s time to do some more work. I have finished the doggy album and start on my smash album… but hard to make a decision about what to do next with it so I check my Facebook again …… and the internet…. and play a game or two on my iPad…

Second day dawns….. determined to achieve lots and finish the projects I planned to…
Leisurely breakfast.. and check Facebook and the internet for news of a local cyclone…
Now to work on the Smash book… lots of thinking time needed to choose which paper and how to put it all together… oh now its coffee time…
Time for facial…lovely and relaxing… (Yawn) relaxing time checking the internet and playing a few games…

The girls are teasing me about my Fitbit..they are telling me that wearing my Fitbit bracelet isn’t all I need to do to get fit? So since it is hot and humid outside I take to walking up and down the long corridor to our rooms… it is 75 steps to the end of the corridor. So even though I hate exercise I walk up and down the corridor several times every hour… that fills in a bit of a time…

Lunch time… more feed…. another long chat over lunch…. another coffee….

Between walking the corridors I work on my Smash Book… it is making progress… I sew the books together.. and think I would like to have a break for a while and work on something else…
Cricket could be on  – turn on the TV to check….
Worn out with doing nothing I have a pre-dinner nanna nap…
Time to have a wine before tea…lovely roast dinner….

Now back to do another doggy album….. Need to sort thru the 300 photos again and find the photos I need….also need to choose the paper….. mmmm wonder what is on Facebook? Wonder what happened in the cricket…..
Walk up and down the corridor a few more times – rescue one of the other girls from a marauding spider lurking in the corridor…
Finally off to bed to play a few more game…final day tomorrow….

Cooked breakfast on Sunday. Read the paper online while I drink my coffee….
I really need to finish the second doggy album so I start work on it. Check facebook…play a few games, lots of laughter and chatter…lots of wandering around looking at other peoples work…

Finally time for lunch…then its pack up time. Always takes more trips to put it back into the car than to get it out. Always takes up more room. Never as much fun packing up to go home…

So my weekend is over. I did achieve quite a lot considering how many other things I found time to do!! Two little doggy albums done and some more work on my Smash Album. What can’t be measured – and which is priceless – is the time spent with friends. Even if they do tease you have sorting photos and not being organised…

My scrapping friends assure me that I am not alone in this world of procrastination – that they also do it – but I doubt they can do it as faithfully as I can! I guess when you are doing your hobby and doing it for pleasure there are no rules except to enjoy doing it… so perhaps, in this instance, we should be able to procrastinate and find distractions as much as we wish….

Did the earth move for you?



I actually had this moment last week…. but it wasn’t in relation to housework but to starting my exercise regime…

I thought – I could go for a walk with my new poles – and then I thought….I cant do that! It’s too hot! I don’t have time! I have so many other things to do! I will do it next week….

But the fact I had seriously considered getting up and walking was an interesting thought… I realised that finally I had run out of excuses and that my mind was actually ready for the commitment!

I have lots of reasons to get fit… of course the main one is so that I live longer and be more healthy in my dotage…. I need to live long and healthily to complete all the things I have been putting off for years… I don’t want to be restricted by my health and not able to do the many things I want to do for the second half of my life.

I have also said goodbye to a number of people that have gone before their time….. I think that if they had the choice they would prefer to still be here and if they could have done something to make that happen they would have done it… and I am actually wasting my gift of life and health by not being more motivated to exercise and live more healthily…

And finally – and perhaps what has finally got me out of my chair and walking – is my holiday in July. Only four months now before we go to Europe. This is an expensive holiday that my hubby and I have saved hard for and are looking forward to. I notice on the itinerary that there are lots of walking tours thru many of the little towns we are going to. I would truly hate it if my lack of fitness prevented me from participating fully in all the activities… what a waste of money and how disappointing…

So this is my motivation….

So I bought a Fitbit wristband a couple of weeks ago which tracks my activity. I love gadgets and felt that having this might be a good motivation – and it has proved to be that. I have it on my computer and it tracks my activity and diet – and is scarily accurate about tracking my sleep patterns! (altho it is confused most days as I have done a lot of night duty recently…)

I also signed up to have Light n Easy delivered so I would be more circumspect about what I was eating…. and make it easier to track calories. I don’t eat a bad diet but am addicted to having a can of Coke a day, love potato chips and a glass of wine – and I drink too much coffee…

So I am on Day 4 of my fitness plan. I have been pretty good about sticking to the diet (altho I have to eat lunch at 1am and have breakfast at about 2pm when I get up after sleeping). I did have a can of coke yesterday but then felt so bad because it completely upset my calorie intake!!! But otherwise I have been pretty good. I am trying to just have 2 cups of coffee a day, no chips and will try to fit a wine into the plan a couple of times a week.

I am surprised that the earth did not move on its axis last Thursday afternoon when I went for my first proper walk. It was such a momentous occasion that I am surprised some minor earthquake wasn’t noted by seismologists …I donned my (new) walking shoes and my (new) walking poles and walked around the school oval a few times. And I have done it again today. And was rewarded by receiving an email from fitbit congratulating me on my number of steps!! So feeling motivated right now!

So as with everything you need to find out what your motivation is to do an action that you might otherwise keep procrastinating about. I guess it is the same as the whole theme of this blog – take one bite at a time…. I procrastinated about getting fit for months (well probably all my life!) but eventually you face reality and realise that you just need to do it. I am not sure why some of us need more motivation than others…. but it is frustrating. If you need extra things to help motivate you like gadgets, dietary plans etc then use those to help motivate you. And I guess if you stuff up don’t give up entirely just get up and carry on and do the best you can.

And try not to think of reasons why you should stop doing what you know you need to do… I know I have a little voice in my head saying – but if you lose weight all the clothes you have bought for your holiday wont fit you – but I know that is Bad Jenny voice! If I lose that much weight I will just have to go and buy some more clothes – and that wont be so bad will it?

Back to Square One!

Well I think I can say I have failed this month to do anything much that I planned to do! I have fallen back into bad habits. Procrastinating, finding excuses, not doing my lists, not started walking yet. I am even writing this blog right now to avoid tidying up the February room….

My life seems to be a constant cycle of doing nothing much, then getting really inspired about something and then becoming almost obsessive about finishing it. I hoped that by setting small achievable goals that I would keep plugging away at things instead of being so uneven with my successes.

I can still find plenty of excuses…the weather has been so hot and humid it saps any energy from you, I have been doing a lot of night duty which inevitably wears you down, and negative people around me have made me a bitter and twisted person!!! I hate finding excuses for not getting things done…It seems ungrateful to use these excuses for my failures. The people I care for face much greater challenges than this and yet can achieve their goals. Busier people than me seem to be able to have a tidy house and be more organised than me…. It is too easy just to beat yourself up over your lack of achievements – which I think then turn into self fulfilling prophecies – I feel like a failure so I am a failure!

So now at the start of a new month I have to reassess. I have to try and work out where I failed, recognise where I have succeeded and try and do better this month.

In January one of the things I did do finally was set up my vege garden. This has been one of February’s great success stories… I get a great deal of pleasure each day checking it out – I even found my first small cucumber yesterday! So that is an achievement!



Another thing I hadn’t planned to do but have achieved is that I have set up a much nicer aquarium in the family room. I had my fish in quite a small tank and they had bred lots of babies so it was very overcrowded. Someone offered me a much nicer tank for a very cheap price so I have set that up. That required me to move a few cupboards and things around (which haven’t been set up again properly yet) but I am very proud of my tank now.




This is the old tank.


This is the new one – all the fish think I am going to feed them!

So I must try and see the things I have achieved and not just beat myself up for the things I haven’t achieved….

I also love gadgets! My daughter has inherited the same gene. So in an effort to finally getting me walking I have ordered one of those pedometer wrist bands that are all the rage right now. I hope that with something showing me so plainly the progress (or non progress) I am making as far as steps per day go that it will finally get me out there and walking.

So my goals for March? Finish (start) the February room, which was the January room – and very probably it was the December room as well!!!

Use my flash new pedometer and start walking. Set my self step goals each week and work towards them.

And probably more importantly – try and celebrate my successes and be less harsh on myself for my failures…. but try to fail less often..