New Year Resolutions

Nothing like declaring publically online for all to see – I will have so many people being able to call me on them if I fail to achieve them – or worse still not even begin them.

So what am I planning to achieve in 2015?

I would like to finish de cluttering my house if possible. At the rate of one room a month I should be able to almost make it! However I feel some rooms (like my September room which took 3 months) may take longer, and I am going away on a European holiday for 6 weeks… see what  good procrastinator I am? I am already making excuses!!

So what I will promise is that I will pick a room each month and try to complete it within the time – but if not I will still do a few minutes every day in that room and aim to finish it in the time allocated. So even if I fail to complete a room a month my house should be well on the way to being completed by the end of the year..

I will also promise to keep the rooms I have completed tidy and not start sneaking stuff back in there!!

The most important thing I will do is not to be too hard on myself if I don’t reach my goals – so long as I have moved towards them in some way. And I will enjoy my achievements when I reach them. Give myself a few hearty pats on my back and indulge in just a little smugness that I have achieved my goals!!

As far as other goals go?

In my Family History posting I set a goal to work on my Family history and try to write-up a family a month towards my family book. I am already working on my first family and researching Birmingham in the early 1800’s towards that goal.

I also set a goal to write a personal story each month about my own life. I have already done my first story. I was so inspired that I sent the same challenge to my brothers and sisters. I asked them to write their story each month as well and at the end of the year I told them I would turn it into a book for them. I havent heard back from any of them since so that might not be achievable!

So apart from the usual resolutions to be a better person, to appreciate what I have and give myself time to stop to smell the roses that’s about it.

So what are you all hoping to achieve? Remember to set yourself small goals and enjoy achieving these smaller goals on the way to achieving the bigger goals. And don’t be too harsh on yourself.

Have a safe and Happy New Year and a wonderful 2015….

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