Personal Stories

I set myself a goal to write a personal story at least every month with the idea that by the end of the year I would have created a small book about who I am and what I have done.

Instead of it just being a boring recounting of my life and events I hope this will be a more interesting way to write my story – and hopefully more interesting for people to read in the future.

The first topic was ‘My Favourite Toys’. I enjoyed writing it so much it really inspired me – and so I set the same challenge for my family and friends.

And now I would like to set this same challenge for my readers…. so at the end of the year you too will have a record of your thoughts and memories for future generations…..

I will set the topic each month and will publish mine for you to read. I do reserve the right not to publish anything that is too personal! If you would like me to place your story on this site I will be happy to do so. I think it will make interesting reading for us all!

So join with me on this challenge – and I hope to see your stories online…

This months topic is – My Favourite Toys

And to start you thinking the next topic will be – The games we used to play.

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