Exercise Blues

I realise that I have forgotten to mention one of my New Year Resolutions! Not sure how I forgot it…perhaps it could be that I have been procrastinating about it for so long that my mind has shut it out of my consciousness!!

The problem is that this particular resolution needs to be commenced soon or it can’t be completed in time – and it probably isn’t something that you can take short cuts with…

In July this year I am going on a holiday to Europe. I have never been to Europe – but my friends that have, tell me it could involve a lot of walking…now that’s the problem…

I have never understood people that love exercising… I am just one of those really unco people that are hopeless at any form of sport… so I learnt at a very early age that any form of sport was a bad (read humiliating) thing to do… … I have often sort of envied those motivated souls that regularly go to the gym or get up for brisk morning walks in the morning… I am not one of them! I have wondered why some of us are less motivated.. I guess not being good at it is a disincentive, also I tend to be a bit of a stumblebum… I have been to classes where the teacher and all the other folk follow the steps and do the moves so easily. I just work out where to put my arms and legs and they are already onto the next movement. Embarrassing. On New Year’s eve a couple of days ago, as I was sitting by the river having tea with friends I saw so many people run past with intent in their eyes, ear plugs in the ears and sweat pouring off them….I pondered their insanity while I sipped my wine….

My idea of sport is watching it on TV – or maybe something like 10 pin bowling. I do a reasonable amount of exercise in my job and I am not a complete sloth -just an unfit one. And anything that requires getting up early in the morning is doomed from the start (I am a night person and work at night).

So back to my New Year resolution… When we booked our holiday it was more than a year from when we were leaving. So I resolved that I would get fitter so that I could walk all day and see all the sights to be seen… I had a whole year to gradually get fit…and I figured that getting fit was a good thing to do even if I wasn’t going on holidays… One of my friends that does a lot of walking (serious Bibbulmun Track walking) was very keen. You need walking poles he said – they help your balance and save your knees and back. So I did some research and found that Dr Google agreed….walking poles were the thing to have…. My hubby said he didn’t think poles were very cool!!

So of course you can’t start exercising until you have walking poles can you? I didn’t feel guilty at all about not starting my exercise regime as I needed to get walking poles first – and some good sensible walking shoes. My serious walking friend kept asking me if I had started walking yet and I kept telling him I needed to get the poles first….

So finally in November I bought the walking poles. Cute purple ones that telescope down so they can fit in our case. And some good walking shoes.

Just after I bought the poles I went away with my girlfriends. I made the mistake of saying I had bought some walking poles. They had a lot of fun at my expense! They know I am a procrastinator and so they also gave me a hard time about the time I had taken to start my exercising..

So it’s about 6weeks since I have bought the poles. I have practiced opening them out and worked out how long they need to be to suit my height. I also got the shoes out of their box the other day. But no walking yet.

So that’s my other resolution. I must start walking at least 2 times a week. Otherwise I will get to Europe and be restricted by my own lack of fitness. That thought should provide plenty of motivation but I know I will have to be really firm with myself and get fit. It’s just too easy to put it off until tomorrow – when it is less hot, when I have more time, when I am less tired, when the cricket isn’t on the TV….

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