January Room

I have been resting on my laurels a bit this month… I am still basking in the glory of finishing my September room (in time for Christmas) that I havent really started thinking about my January room – and we are already a third of the way thru the month.

So I have decided to pick a fairly easy room for January. It is my lounge room. It basically needs a real spring clean and some maintenance and it will be done. Not much clutter in there at the moment.
Part of the work I will need to do is buy a new light for the room. It hasnt had a light for at least 3 years so we use a lamp in there at the moment. Before the light gave up completely it used to fire the globes out across the room – clearly not a well light!! So shopping for a new light will need to be done. When we get the electrician in we will get him to fit hard wired smoke alarms in the house….so that will be another job crossed off the maintenance list.
The curtains will need to be washed (and just quietly I didnt do the curtains in my September room so they will need to be done as well) and I want to get the carpet shampood. And that will be another room done.
My February room is going to be a real doozy so will give myself a quiet month this month.
What room, or cupboard or area are you going to do in January?

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