Back to Square One!

Well I think I can say I have failed this month to do anything much that I planned to do! I have fallen back into bad habits. Procrastinating, finding excuses, not doing my lists, not started walking yet. I am even writing this blog right now to avoid tidying up the February room….

My life seems to be a constant cycle of doing nothing much, then getting really inspired about something and then becoming almost obsessive about finishing it. I hoped that by setting small achievable goals that I would keep plugging away at things instead of being so uneven with my successes.

I can still find plenty of excuses…the weather has been so hot and humid it saps any energy from you, I have been doing a lot of night duty which inevitably wears you down, and negative people around me have made me a bitter and twisted person!!! I hate finding excuses for not getting things done…It seems ungrateful to use these excuses for my failures. The people I care for face much greater challenges than this and yet can achieve their goals. Busier people than me seem to be able to have a tidy house and be more organised than me…. It is too easy just to beat yourself up over your lack of achievements – which I think then turn into self fulfilling prophecies – I feel like a failure so I am a failure!

So now at the start of a new month I have to reassess. I have to try and work out where I failed, recognise where I have succeeded and try and do better this month.

In January one of the things I did do finally was set up my vege garden. This has been one of February’s great success stories… I get a great deal of pleasure each day checking it out – I even found my first small cucumber yesterday! So that is an achievement!



Another thing I hadn’t planned to do but have achieved is that I have set up a much nicer aquarium in the family room. I had my fish in quite a small tank and they had bred lots of babies so it was very overcrowded. Someone offered me a much nicer tank for a very cheap price so I have set that up. That required me to move a few cupboards and things around (which haven’t been set up again properly yet) but I am very proud of my tank now.




This is the old tank.


This is the new one – all the fish think I am going to feed them!

So I must try and see the things I have achieved and not just beat myself up for the things I haven’t achieved….

I also love gadgets! My daughter has inherited the same gene. So in an effort to finally getting me walking I have ordered one of those pedometer wrist bands that are all the rage right now. I hope that with something showing me so plainly the progress (or non progress) I am making as far as steps per day go that it will finally get me out there and walking.

So my goals for March? Finish (start) the February room, which was the January room – and very probably it was the December room as well!!!

Use my flash new pedometer and start walking. Set my self step goals each week and work towards them.

And probably more importantly – try and celebrate my successes and be less harsh on myself for my failures…. but try to fail less often..

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