September Room

This is my September room challenge…. it is more messy than it was a week ago as I “might” have put some stuff from my finished room into here!! lol Yes I know – cheating a bit but I promise it “probably wont” end up in my October challenge room!! lol


My August Room

This was my first successful room…it was the entry/computer room for my house. I actually didnt take the before photo before I started but half way thru. The after photos inspired me and motivated me to start the next room…

One Bite at a Time

When surrounded by a lot of clutter – either in my life or my house – I am always reminded of the little saying –

How do you eat an Elephant?

One Bite at a Time!!

Using this simple philosophy of just tackling one small thing at a time has stopped  me becoming overwhelmed by the number of things that need to be done!

This has been particularly useful recently when I decided I really needed to de-clutter my house… I decided to tackle one room a month and try and do even 10 minutes each day. At the end of the first month my first room was completed – and I was so proud of myself. I showed a couple of friends my before and after photos and they too were pretty impressed.

Several other friends confided that they too needed to sort out their houses so we set up a small Facebook group to encourage and support each other.. none of us were major “problem” hoarders but all of us did find it difficult to throw perfectly useful stuff out or organise the clutter we had so that we could find it when we wanted. Not to mention we all fantasized about a tidy house!!

We started off setting ourselves goals at the start of each month and to take before and after photos. We put no limit on how small the project for the month was – and that no matter how little we achieved it was always an achievement to be praised and encouraged.

To reduce our anxiety of getting rid of our clutter we try and reuse, recycle or repurpose the treasures we have accumulated.

So join us as we all try and make  our life more organised!

One Bite at a Time – supporting each other to tidiness and order….. That was my original inspiration for a blog…… But then I thought that could get pretty boring to write and read – especially considering my ability to procrastinate. So after writing a few posts and considering the direction my posts were going I decided that this affirmation – Take One Bite at a Time – could apply equally to my life as well as the clutter in my home! Being a woman of a certain age, my desire to declutter my home could also be a sign of a desire to declutter and simplify my life – possibly as you start to recognise that you are mortal and that there is less life left to be lived! So this blog will be about decluttering our houses but it will also be about decluttering and simplifying our lives. There are so many of us that are hoarders and live amongst our mess and disorder. We crave a tidy house where we can find everything when we want!! But there are also many others who want to make sense out of our changing lives. We are here to support each other to get our stuff sorted!!