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September Room Finally completed!

I started this room in September and as I said in my last post I got bogged down doing extra things in there instead of working on the room.

I wanted it completed by Christmas so have worked for hours (10 hours today) completing the room. I am very proud of it!

All the family history boxes (which are hidden under the window in the before photo!) are packed away ready for me to start on that project another time. The scrapbooking albums are all packed away and all the completed pages which were sitting around have been placed in albums. All the paperwork on the floor (my Inbox) has been sorted thru and now in heaps on the desk ready for me to tackle.

And finally a Christmas tree set up for the first time in about 8 years. That is really my only fail as I was so over it after 10 hours that the decorating is a bit sad! I may fix it up a bit tomorrow when I am feeling more inspired…

So enjoy my achievements and be inspired – I certainly am! My January room is a doozy!



Why is it so?

I don’t consider myself a real hoarder with a house full of clutter… I watch the Buried Alive programs and feel quite good about the amount of stuff I have… mine is all useful? Right?

I just find it hard to throw out perfectly good things – like shoe boxes… they are always such a useful size and made out of good strong cardboard…. great for storing stuff in…  But even I had to admit that 20 or so shoe boxes saved over many years was not practical considering I probably only find uses for one or two over a year! I regretfully threw them all in the bin…well most of them…there was one particularly strong box I am sure I can find a use for sometime….

It made me wonder about why we keep this stuff…. and why do some people like me keep it for far longer than they need to – and others have no qualms about tossing it out immediately? I look towards my parents…. both hard working farming folk. They don’t seem to possess that gene of “keeping  just in case”! And they lived thru the depression and rationing during the war. They displayed practical hoarding… like darning the socks until they were being darned on top of darns, or cutting bed sheets down the middle (which had become thinner due to years of use) and turning the ends into the middle so they could be used for several more years… They didnt keep useless things just in case they were needed….

I look to my children… the oldest is a hoarder like me… tends to have a lot of clutter and keeps stuff (mainly at my house! lol) in case she can use it in the future. My son is far more practical… and hates clutter. I told him I had kept a box of precious things from his school days (you know – his first finger painting, clay hand models…). I was shocked when he said why would he want those and he would just chuck them out!So I can see that box will have to stay here as I am sure one day he will be glad I kept them…. wont he??

So do we tend to keep more stuff because we have more to keep? It certainly isnt because I went thru hard times like my parents. I admire people that are organised and have a place for everything and everything in a place. I wish I had a tidy house and could lay my hands on something I am looking for straight away…. but I think at this stage in my life I wont change…all I can do is try and recognise that I need to declutter and be more diligent about not keeping stuff I dont need or wont use….