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Toys I remember

I think the two main ones I can remember are a lovely big teddy bear and a bride doll.

I can always remember the teddy bear. It is one of those old fashioned teddies with yellow fur, moveable arms and legs, and growled when you leaned it forward. I think it was originally one of my older siblings bear but I inherited it. By the time I got it some of the fur had been rubbed off, my Mum had restitched a couple of the seams and the growl no longer worked. I have photos of me with it from when I was quite small. I named him Winnie the Pooh as that was my favourite book that Mum read to me at night. I still have this bear. My kids had it when they were young but neither of them were as attached to him as I was.

brown jenny089     brown jenny093

brown jenny090    DSCF0566


I also had a lovely bride doll with beautiful golden hair. I can remember getting her for Christmas when I was quite small. I found her on the end of my bed (where our gifts were always left by Father Christmas). She had long golden yellow hair and my mum had made her clothes. Over the years Mum made more clothes for her. I still have this dolly as well.


Other toys I can remember are electric train set, meccano, Building blocks and dinky toys.

The Meccano, building blocks and dinky toys I think belonged to my brother but we played with them a lot. We built lots of great buildings with the Building clocks. They were like the precursors of Lego and came in Red and white “bricks”. With half bricks so you could build a strong overlapping walls. My brother used to build great machines with the Meccano and used to have huge networks of roads and buildings for the dinky toys. I know we had a grader so that was used to build lots of roads.. We would have whole cities set up all over the road in front of the house in the sand.

The electric trains belonged to my older brothers. The trains were beautiful and very solid – and I think they were quite expensive. Sometimes the tracks were set up in a room or on a table for quite a long time and I used to love playing with them! We weren’t supposed to play with them as they were so valuable! I can quite understand why there are grown men that still play with trains….

bricks       Meccano

matchbox    dinky



hornby 2

I wanted to find some pictures of some of these old toys – and had a wonderful couple of hours reading all sorts of information about these old toys. I wonder where our old electric trains are? I know I still have some of my sons old trucks and cars. And where that Meccano and those building blocks ended up?