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The world of podcasts

I work night duty a couple of nights a week caring for a severely disabled boy while his foster parents sleep. When he is unwell I have a busy night but when he is well I spend nine hours in a darkened room with a limit on the activities I can do to keep me occupied…
I used to mainly play games on my iPad but feeling a bit bored with that (did I really say that out loud?) I looked around for something else I could do.
My daughter suggested I download some movies – so I have downloaded a couple of old series (watching West Wing series one at the moment) and that has been good.
However I then thought of podcasts. I had heard about podcasts for a long time but hadnt really investigated them. Not knowing where to start I went to the ABC (as I knew they did them) and had a look around. I discovered that you can subscribe to them, they are free, that they download to your iPad automatically. So I subscribed to ‘Conversations‘ as I often listen to them on the radio…
Then I googled podcasts and was astounded at the whole new world that appeared before my eyes. There are hundreds of podcasts available on any topic you can imagine. So I am now also subscribed to ‘All in your Mind‘ a Radio National series on Mental Health and ‘The History of England‘ which is up to podcast 164 and has been going since 2012. The added advantage of some of these podcasts (like the History of England) is that it also has a website that has added stuff you can read or download.
Overnight I have listened to three podcasts which have been interesting, educational, have made me think and reflect and have made me laugh. It also means I can say I am working at two things on my list – learn more history and not play computer games so much. So a win win.
My  podcasts tonight were from All in your Mind – a distracted mind. It was very interesting discussion about the current information overload and how multi tasking makes us inefficient and tires out our brain. But it also said that daydreaming is good as it is a reset for the brain – so my brain must be reset a lot!! It also said lots of stuff I do know but cant seem to d,o which is things like using your calendar and become more organised…. and that we need to practice developing a longer attention span and filter the information we receive to ensure it was accurate information (aint that the truth!!)
Conversations was with Rajana Srivastava – a Melbourne oncologist and writer. She talked about her early life and choice to become a Dr and also about telling people the truth about life and death. This was also an interesting discussion about being truthful to patients and allowing them to plan for their death…. Surely it is our final right to know if our death is imminent so we can choose how we die?
The final podcast was about woman in Anglo Saxon England… Seems like woman had more power at different times in history and that the women’s liberation movement has been around longer than we imagine. It also seemed pagan women had a lot more power and that the Christian church was very bad for women’s rights…. well at least that is what I took from the discussion!
So an interesting range of podcasts that kept me awake and entertained for a number of hours. And what a lovely free resource this is…. I guess they can be as dry or as interesting as the presenter. The History one is very chatty and done in a conversational way like he was sitting over the other side of the table chatting to you. And at the end he personally thanks any donors and gives shout out to people that have asked questions…
If you find any interesting podcasts on getting organised and not procrastinating dont tell me! I want interesting things to listen to!