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September Room Finally completed!

I started this room in September and as I said in my last post I got bogged down doing extra things in there instead of working on the room.

I wanted it completed by Christmas so have worked for hours (10 hours today) completing the room. I am very proud of it!

All the family history boxes (which are hidden under the window in the before photo!) are packed away ready for me to start on that project another time. The scrapbooking albums are all packed away and all the completed pages which were sitting around have been placed in albums. All the paperwork on the floor (my Inbox) has been sorted thru and now in heaps on the desk ready for me to tackle.

And finally a Christmas tree set up for the first time in about 8 years. That is really my only fail as I was so over it after 10 hours that the decorating is a bit sad! I may fix it up a bit tomorrow when I am feeling more inspired…

So enjoy my achievements and be inspired – I certainly am! My January room is a doozy!